Ignition Book 1- A William Hawk Novel- Review via @erinwise82

This interesting read does not have an author…..well it does….obviously….one who remains behind the scenes….so to speak

That gives this book the feel of “I am Number Four’ and no, not the movie, but the book….A very well written book.

ON HIS SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY, William Hawk awakes like he would on any other morning-a teenage boy focused on girls, cars, and food. But, before he can even finish eating, everything will change.  William’s Change Agent III status activates at 12:27 p.m. on his sixteenth birthday, and, his responsibility to save the Earth from evil begins.

Just months before, on her sixteenth birthday, Grace’s Change Agent III status reveals a horrible truth: her malevolent twin brother, Roland, is actually Roivas, the dark reincarnated. After years of being mistreated by her brother and deemed crazed and dangerous by her family, Grace finally encounters the opportunity to free herself from her brother’s terror and save her planet.

William and Grace must develop their connection with each other and their skills as Change Agents to stop evil overtaking Earth.

Seven of the ten worlds within the universe have defeated evil, but none have combated Roivas directly. With the help of family, Cy, Sonny, and friends from Earth and beyond, William makes sense of his new, prebio memories and overcomes past mistakes to bring Earth toward freedom of final ignition.”

I really enjoyed this book and I think most of you will enjoy it too. I like reading from both William and Grace’s point of view, as I always find books as so very interesting and neat. To me is shows quite a great bit of imagination from the author. By the end of the book, both characters really grew on me.

I can say for it being a terrific, well written novel, there was a bit too much information being given in such a short amount of time (length of the book), though with this being the first in the series, I can understand. It was needed. The Native American culture being a part of this was enchanting. There’s just something about learning about and recognizing other cultures that I find so beautiful.

I’m really looking forward to the next in the series….I’m interested in seeing how William and Grace develop their….surely upcoming…..romance….their story….

I don’t want to really give anything away because I’m positive if you give this book a read, you will be more than pleasantly surprised of how much you will love the story. I feel you get more from this book than you realize. It makes you think.

I recommend you grab this book as soon as you can…

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