The Sky Woman Book Review from @kleffnotes

Car-En has been sent to Earth for the first time in order to observe and report back on how a small population is surviving. Now you might think that she is some sort of alien upon first reading the description of The Sky Woman, but she is just as much an Earthling as the people she is watching. Car-En is an anthropologist from the sky, who has been raised in a ringstation. These satellite living systems are full of people who left Earth following a number of depopulations, in which the Earth slowly became less and less populated. While it had been thought that no one lived on the Earth small groups have been found and Car-En has been tasked with watching a Viking-like village. What happens when she breaks protocol will reveal some new and interesting things about the world she knew and the world she is investigating. Continue reading “The Sky Woman Book Review from @kleffnotes”

From Elsewhere Book Review from @kleffnotes

Nysol is an alien from the now gone planet of Sharill who, while on a special mission for his people against their enemy the Kisleem, has found himself stranded on Earth. In From Elsewhere Sarah Baethge introduces two alien races and how perceptions can lead to some very interesting situations. This work is something that all ages can read and focuses on relationships and interactions that occur when new people meet each other. Continue reading “From Elsewhere Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Biohack Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you had the choice would you want to choose exactly what your child would be like when they grew up? In Biohack, the first in the Gender Wars Thriller series from J.D. Lasica, Birthrights Unlimited insists that they can give you your perfect baby as long as you are willing to pay. While this is what the biohacking company advertises there are some secret dealings happening below the surface and they happen to be connected to Kaden, a analytics specialist who runs covert ops on the side. Biohack will keep you ensnared in the story until the very end of this thrilling science fiction read. Continue reading “Biohack Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Futura: A Novella Book Review from @kleffnotes

Futura: A Novella is the debut fiction work of Jordan Phillips that presents a future world in which humanity has bridged their past with the future to create something new and inventive. Our primary character is Ruby, a woman who suddenly finds herself wanting to have a child. She never had this urge before and we follow her as she tries to work through what feels like a foreign yearning. Continue reading “Futura: A Novella Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Star City Book Review from @kleffnotes

Emma Smith is starting her first year of college at the University of Nebraska. While this by itself would be a huge life change, she’s also going to be taking on a very prestigious position that will completely change her life. After over a month of waiting Emma learns she has been chosen to be a student ambassador to work with a newly arrived alien race, the Ba’ren. These aliens wish to establish a positive relationship with Earth and in order to do so they are offering a number of gifts, many of which will save lives. Emma applied for this internship thinking that she would be working on cancer research, but what she actually becomes involved in will change not only her life, but the world. Continue reading “Star City Book Review from @kleffnotes”

#TheXFiles Episode 2: Founders Mutation

For the second night in a row, America was gifted with a new X-Files episode. This one was called Founders Mutation, and it brought us back to the heart of the X-Files. Where Mulder and Scully shine best trying to save innocent people who cannot help the situation they’re in. It also shined a light onto Mulder and Scully’s hearts and it was heartbreaking.

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