Biohack Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you had the choice would you want to choose exactly what your child would be like when they grew up? In Biohack, the first in the Gender Wars Thriller series from J.D. Lasica, Birthrights Unlimited insists that they can give you your perfect baby as long as you are willing to pay. While this is what the biohacking company advertises there are some secret dealings happening below the surface and they happen to be connected to Kaden, a analytics specialist who runs covert ops on the side. Biohack will keep you ensnared in the story until the very end of this thrilling science fiction read.

After returning from a snatch and grab mission in a crypt, Kaden’s entire life is turned upside down when she learns that not only were the parents who raised her not her real parents, but that she has some sort of connection to someone who is a key backer of Birthrights Unlimited. As she delves farther into her own history she becomes dedicated to uncovering the secrets of this biohacking institution. Outside of Kaden’s plot we follow the story of a woman named Valerie who is trying to have a second child after a tragedy occurred during her marriage. She believes so much in the mission of the company that has promised her the exact child she has hoped for, but finds herself contending with what becoming their spokesmom will mean. Beyond that we also get a look into the dark depths of the corporate dealings happening behind the scenes of Birthrights Unlimited.

I am a sucker for anything connected to biohacking. Ever since I found the Uglies series as a young teenager I became captivated by the idea of changing your own body or even your genetic makeup. While I am a bit to terrified to even do the smallest of biohacking, though I have gotten piercings and a tattoo, which are often presented within the biohacking community, I am just always fascinated by it. Biohack emphasizes the darker side of biohacking in which people control new generations by genetic augmentations before birth. For Orphan Black fans this will sound a great deal like a certain corporation known as Brightborn and you better believe this mentions even more terrifying elements happening in the labs. Beyond examining a topic I love, Lasica also focuses his story on a character who identifies as non-binary. Kaden uses she/her pronouns throughout the book, but there is an entire section that focuses on how she became comfortable with this identity and truly found seen once she heard about this identifier. She is also just such a cool character and I love her tattoo, which appears on the front cover and periodically within the book. You can find Biohack on sale now!

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