Futura: A Novella Book Review from @kleffnotes

Futura: A Novella is the debut fiction work of Jordan Phillips that presents a future world in which humanity has bridged their past with the future to create something new and inventive. Our primary character is Ruby, a woman who suddenly finds herself wanting to have a child. She never had this urge before and we follow her as she tries to work through what feels like a foreign yearning.

Ruby’s desire for a child has led to the ending of her long term relationship, but while she mourns this lose she still feels a sense a joy. Without her relationship she never would have moved to the beautiful city of Paris. In this future society, Paris has embraced the Nouveau Nouveau movement and they have moved to create more green and beautifully colored places. Beyond that the world has become a place where your basic needs are entirely taken care of and you can focus on your own desires and needs in a more open way. People still hold jobs, but there are those who can chose not to work, those who are able to live without ever having a permanent home, and even those who have returned back to a state of earlier domesticity in the suburbs.

Beyond these life changes, technology has also evolved and everyone is constantly connected to the internet through lenses. Your online and personal identities are linked and you can constantly check in with your social media. This description of constant connection reminded me a great deal of the Black Mirror episode, “Nosedive.” AI has also become completely integrated into society and these beings are referred to as Invisibles. They hold a number of jobs that were once considered lower class positions. Futura creates an interesting world that feels so very real and possible. Phillips creates the idea of like outfits as a way to connect people with similar interests as well as a society that embraces minor flaws, but truly promotes a sense of perfection. I absolutely loved Futura and found it to be a thought provoking read. This is the perfect read for sci-fi readers as well as anyone who enjoys series like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

You can find Futura: A Novella on Amazon now.

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