The Wicked Righteous #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

JC and Lucas have been separated from their group and are attempting to hide out from the drones and the people trying to find them. While they are on their own, the rest of the group is learning some hidden information themselves. This world is full of secrets and The Wicked Righteous #4 continues to reveal them.

This issue actually starts with a flashback and shows us a little about JC’s life before she ran away after the disease ravaged society. After fleeing the ballpark, JC knows exactly where she and Lucas can hide out from the drones. With the two of them together, she changes into a more form fitting outfit and the two of them begin to indulge in their romantic feelings for each other. They are just so happy to be with each other and while JC is upset this moment with Lucas fills her with happiness. The mood is broken when Lucas wakes up from a terrible vision dream full of death. Outside of their romantic hideout, the rest of the family is learning secrets they never expected.

The Wicked Righteous is an interesting series that shows a brand new world that has begun to grow out of the rapture like plague that has changed society. Lucas and JC are given time to grow as a couple and begin to understand why they have been brought together. Outside of watching their relationship grow, there are elements in this issue that show that there is so much happening behind the scenes that has been kept secret. I am very curious to learn why JC is so important to so many people and just why everyone is after her. You can find The Wicked Righteous #4 in stores now.

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