FBI Girl: How I Learned To Crack My Father’s Code By: Maura Conlon-McIvor Book Review via @erinwise82

What’s better than a book that gives you that old-school feeling of reading a good Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew like feel?

Knowing it’s the memories of the author, a tale of her younger self and the people who played a role in it.

Let’s take a trip, a trip back to the 1960’s…

When your dad is an FBI agent, a G-man, he doesn’t really talk about his job…

Maura knows what the FBI does, she’s read all the Nancy Drew books, she watches all the shows, she’s really quite advanced for her age, if she does say so herself.  When she can’t get her dad to talk about the things he does at work, she launches into super FBI girl-in-training mode. It’s her lifelong dream to be an agent anyhow. She’s gonna figure things out, she’s going to find out who and what her father is all about. Focusing your time on analyzing people can make you seem like an extremely distance girl. Even seen as shy by school figures.

Her world is much larger than school though, she has an amazing family, that through good times and bad, brightens her days. Giving her world more adventure than realized. This heartwarming tale delivers life through the eyes of a child, beautifully told in a way that captivates the reader. There’s moments of laughter, triumphs, failures, heartaches, and heart touching moments. This is a book should really should be read by all. That sense of family is inspiring. A novel for the young or young at heart, this is definitely a Nerdy Girl recommendation. Pick up your copy today.

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