Bridget and Iain Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

Bridget and Iain is a short film that is led by a diverse and international female filmmaking team and screened earlier this week in Cannes as part of the Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase and at the Cannes Global Women of Color in Film Day. It also was part of The Cannes Court Mètrage Short Film Corner. Produced by Diana C. Zollicoffer, who was nominated for an NAACP Theater Award for her play “innocentFLESH” and was one of the first women of color to direct the Australian Theater Company, this film focuses on Bridget and her adult son Iain on the shifts in their relationship in connection to his drug addiction.

Bridget loves Iain, he is struggling with addiction. She pushes to find him the help that he needs, but finds herself limited by the true amount of power she can have over her adult son and his decisions. After learning Iain has checked himself into a detox facility Bridget goes to visit him and offers to let him stay with her once he is clean and in rehab. This decision though forces her to confront the fact that while she loves her son that she cannot fix him or force him to make the decisions that she wants him to.

Under the direction of Leah Patterson the film evokes a deep sense of loss and melancholy. It opens with images of Iain as a child smiling and happy with Bridget, but in the present she is never fully happy. We see as Bridget struggles to sleep and quietly cries when Iain refuses to obey the one rule she gave him for staying in her home. Her only desire is to care for him and make sure that he is healthy, but Iain’s addiction has turned him into someone that she can’t trust. Bridget and Iain is a beautiful film that examines the love and loss that happens when you lose a family member within the perils of addiction. Not only does Patterson’s direction create an emotional tone throughout, but the actor play Bridget, Vivienne Powell, is heartbreaking as a mother who cannot find a way to save her son.

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