Kid Lobotomy Vol. 1 @IDWPublishing Review from @kleffnotes

Kid Lobotomy Volume 1 is a collection of issues 1 through 6 of the surrealist series. I had heard of this series briefly before deciding to review the first volume, but what I had heard did not prepare me at all for what felt like a vividly topsy turvy acid trip of a read. Kid Lobotomy was genuinely nothing that I expected it to be and that is actually why I think that you should check out this collected volume.

When we meet Kid Lobotomy in Issue 1 he is performing brain surgery in a hotel room and then proceeds to eat some brains on blini. Oh yes, you read that right he cuts open someone’s head and munches on the grey matter inside. Now I might make iZombie brain recipes, but I was not expecting this moment to happen at all within Kid Lobotomy. A bit later after this bit of surgery and snacks it is revealed that Kid has had his own brain operated on a number of times through what is known as New Lobotomy. By doing this he now needs to operate on others and take in their illness to feel sane. At least that’s his plan. After this first and only surgery in the volume Kid things begin to get even crazier. As the manager of The Suites he spends time with his staff, who he can’t seem to remember hiring, and tries to help his guests. As the story progresses we get glimpses into Kid’s past and how he came to be where he is and the way he is.

I was so enthralled by the story within Kid Lobotomy Volume 1 that I accepted everything that happened within the halls of The Suites and the pages of the collection. It is so hard to truly describe the story inside because it is just so fantastical. There are references to literature, the writer Franz Kafka is very important to Kid, and the ideas of creation and metamorphosis are exceptionally crucial to the story. One of my favorite issues collected in the volume actually is set slightly outside of the actual plot and focuses on a chambermaid who works at the hotel, Ottla. I can’t think of a specific genre to tie Kid Lobotomy to, but I will say that this read is something that will entrance you, confuse you, excite you, and draw you in for an extended stay. Get your copy of Kid Lobotomy Volume 1 today and hunker down for a bit of time at The Suites.

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