Amsterdam Exposed Book Review from @kleffnotes

David Wiener’s book Amsterdam Exposed shares his experiences in Amsterdam starting in 1999. After taking a year off from school he decided to focus on the red light district and the women who worked there. Wiener has been working on this book for years and as of the release he has noted that things have changed for Amsterdam since he did his research. What he presents is a recounting of his time experiencing this city as a young American student and what he learned.

Amsterdam Exposed provides a detailed look into the time that Wiener spent exploring the city, though the focus does stay connected primarily to the red light district. Earlier in his college experience he had written other books and decided that he wished to examine this as a new topic. During his research he not only explored the district, but also did some general exploration of the city and the European continent. He shares is thoughts on Dutch life as well as other places he visited. Throughout he maintains a strong voice and shares so many details about the culture that while his extended visit was in 1999 elements of the book could be used today for those thinking of traveling to Amsterdam.

Wiener’s work does not fixate on the sexual element within the red light district or other scenes that are similar. At a certain point he decided to investigate area brothels to see what they were like in comparison to an American brothel he had visited in Las Vegas when he was younger as well as to the red light district in the city. He is more interested in sharing the lives of people he met and how they have come to be where they are. Wiener’s primary subject is named Emma, though based on the letter included in the end of the book this is a pseudonym. This particular woman was very interested in his book and over the course of his time in Amsterdam they became friends. She shared her life story with him and allowed him to understand what led her to the red light district. Wiener did meet up with her one more time before publishing his book and he provides his readers with positive news about her life. Amsterdam Exposed is an interesting read that explores humanity and the lives of people who do not live a typical life. You can find it on sale now.

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