Geek-Girl Volume #2 Issue 1 Comic Book Review ( @daSamJohnson ) from @kleffnotes

Geek-Girl is back! After a special Free Comic Book Day release, the glasses wearing superhero is back with a new story. This second volume of the series debuted on May 30th and shows our hero hard at work with the help of headset. She’s busy keeping Acorn Ridge safe with the start of her Crime War storyline.

With Ruby still out of commission after saving the city, Summer has had to step in and take on the mantle of Geek-Girl. In this first issue we watch her working with Pit Bull to train and learn how to be a hero. With more than one superhero no longer able to protect the city she is doing the best she can. While she focuses on Acorn Ridge, Ruby is in a coma and being visited by some of her “friends.” The girls who have tormented her are still coming by, but she also has a much nicer visitor who cares more about her and her recovery.

This first issue of the second volume is a transitional comic that is setting up Summer as the new Geek-Girl and showing how crime has risen in the city with some of the heroes gone. Summer is doing her best, but Pit Bull thinks she needs to put in more time. She is worried about how long Ruby has been in a coma and is trying not to focus on the negatives. If you enjoyed the previous Geek-Girl comics you’ll enjoy this new story and if this is your first time checking out the geeky hero this issue can act as a perfect starting point.

You can find Geek-Girl Volume 2 Issue 1 on Geek-Girl Comics website and Comixology today!

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