Geek-Girl Crime War TPB Review from @kleffnotes

The Geek-Girl comics series is one I have covered on The Nerdy Girl Express a number of times and everyone’s favorite glasses wearing female superhero is back with a collected volume of the first four issues of the current storyline in Geek-Girl Crime War. This story includes a new character carrying the mantel of our title hero as well as a growing number of villains coming on the scene while Ruby tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life now.

I have previously reviewed all four of the single issues that make up this new trade volume and am going to share them here so that you can get a larger idea of my thoughts by delving into those reviews. This series is growing and working to try different things with Ruby pushing back against her superhero identity and wanting to be able to return to her normal life. While she is trying to be her old self, Summer, who feels like Ruby taking on the role was in many ways her doing, is trying to be the hero herself, but she is struggling to handle everything being thrown at her. All the while The League of Larcenists, lead by Pig Head(who indeed does have part of a pig head fused on his human head), are preparing their crime spree. We are given a chance to see elements of why people might be swayed to join a life of crime.

This story is just so full of action and also some really deep moments of reflection by Ruby, which is great to see in a hero comic. You can find all of my thoughts on the four issues in the new trade at the following links:

Geek-Girl #1

Geek-Girl #2

Geek-Girl #3

Geek-Girl #4

Geek-Girl: Crime War TPB is out now and available at Amazon and

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