Geek-Girl Volume #2 Issue 3 Comic Book Review ( @daSamJohnson ) from @kleffnotes

Geek-Girl Volume 2 focuses on a new incarnation of Geek-Girl. With Ruby no longer eager to play the hero, her friend Summer has stepped up to become the hero of our story. The only issue is that going into issue 3, Summer doesn’t have the super powered glasses that give Geek-Girl her powers. After a fight with her best friend, Summer is now in a dangerous spot with no powers to help her.

When Summer finds herself in a deadly situation with no powers she finds herself in luck when Neon-Girl arrives looking for the original Geek-Girl. We don’t yet know why this particular hero is looking for Ruby, but there have to be some surprises for you. Ruby is actually having a night out on the town and trying to avoid anything super powered, that is until a certain enhanced human arrives, Nina Dante. After getting her new powered up eye she wants a rematch. Things get intense and Summer and Ruby find themselves working together to deal with this supped up social media starlet.

Geek-Girl #3 works perfectly to tie up some storylines and to also introduce new elements into the world of Geek-Girl. We still have no idea why someone would want to power up Nina for no real monetary gain and Neon-Girl has yet to explain why she needs Ruby’s help. We also get a moment between Summer and Ruby after the big blow up about the costume and being Geek-Girl. The series is always a fun read and I am very curious to see what comes next for Ruby and Summer. Geek-Girl #3 is available to order at the Geek-Girl Kickstarter, running October 1 – 31, and you can link to that at

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