Geek-Girl Volume #2 Issue 2 Comic Book Review ( @daSamJohnson ) from @kleffnotes

Villains are prepared to take the city with Geek-Girl still in a coma, but with Summer trying to carry the mantle for Ruby the hope is that she’ll be able to fight off the worst of them. This issue focuses not only on Summer as Geek-Girl, but also on a rising villainous group known as the League of Larcenists.

This issue actually begins by focusing on someone on their journey to become a villain. Previously introduced in the first issue of Volume 2, Terry, arguing why he should leave New Jersey for Maine in order to support his family. As the gang reveals their future plans to Terry and they prepare for a massive attack on Maine, Terry shares that Geek-Girl has awoken from her coma. While readers might think this just means Summer is still taking care of crime, this issue reveals that Ruby really has woken up and begun to recover. When Summer goes to visit her their conversation is less than positive and it turns out that our former hero really doesn’t want to return to the costumed life. So much more happens before the end of the issue and you should check this one out.

The Geek-Girl series has been a great read and the new storyline presented in Volume 2 has been surprising. Summer is doing her best to protect the city and is trying to grow her confidence and be the best Geek-Girl she can be. With Ruby now out of her coma new issues have arisen for her and Summer is trying to figure out how to survive. I’m looking forward to seeing just what will happen now that Ruby is back on her feet with all of the villains preparing to do their worst. Geek-Girl #2 is Out Now from Markosia and available at and Comixology.

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