Geek-Girl #4 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

After Ruby’s homecoming party, which pushed her to take back on her Geek-Girl persona, this extra-sized issue is jampacked with Geek-Girl goodness. After talking with Neon Girl, Geek-Girl is back and going after the League of Larcenists. Get ready to geek out with the latest issue of Geek-Girl.

This issue opens with Neon Girl, who is irate that the tech that gave her a new hand is helping out the League of Larcenists. He doesn’t say he’s been helping them intentionally, but his tech has definitely made it into their hands. Ruby and Summer are both still recovering, but that doesn’t keep them from going out. While doing some partying Ruby shows off her powers and the next afternoon she has to shake off her hangover and get to helping Neon Girl. The League of Larcenists won’t know what hit them when not one, but two costumed heroes arrive at their door.


Geek-Girl #4 sets up a brand new period in Ruby’s life, where she is not only Geek-Girl, but also working directly with another female hero. Ruby is in a bit of a transitory period after waking up from her coma and now being pushed back into the fight against crime. There are also new opportunities that are on the horizon for her that could lead to something that she had never anticipated when she wound up winning her super powered glasses. When this comic initially released each weekday included the release of a brand new variant cover. The series is now also on going through Indy Planet. Geek-Girl #4 is out now on and

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