Check Out Funeral Day (@FuneralDayMovie) via @erinwise82

Funeral Day is a black comedy that has Scott running all over town to on his misadventures of “self-discovery”.  Scott finds it’s not so easy to change your life after being a not-so-great guy. Along his way through the city, he runs into quite a cast of characters.

My personal favorite being the security guard poet, he had a special way with words. His time with Wendy, you get a deeper understanding of why this dude is so messed up and why he’s on the mission he’s on. Ken was his final trigger, the trigger to do more. Chuck’s advice just proves that Scott should really just find a real doctor for “down there” and perhaps even his head, as he is definitely not handling death well. Just when he can’t take anymore he meets a mysterious couple who enlighten his, well, prostate? Sometimes talking to strangers turns into a life saving event until it’s not. The road leads him to someone who leads him to exactly what he needs to do. You can find out more about the movie on their Facebook page.

fd 1

This was a really great movie. Quirky in it’s own right, it was something that will sit with me for sometime to come.


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