Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom via @erinwise82 (Kind of with some Spoilers…)

The next installment of this franchise is now in theaters and if you haven’t seen it yet…there’s no better time than now!
I try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but I’m afraid I may have dropped a spoiler or two…my apologies.
It’s been four years since the park was closed in Jurassic World…. Claire and Owen have their own lives and things going on. But when a familiar face comes knocking on the door, their fates are sealed for another adventure.
There’s an active volcano threatening the lives of dinosaurs in this chapter of the story…
Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing Claire and Owen have to deal with. The people behind the rescue have their own agendas and it’s not just saving the huge creatures. Someone wants to make some serious money, so they put quite a hefty price tag on each one of things majestic beasts. The duo, now, has a showdown of a lifetime…

I’m not really wanting to give away too much in this review, considering the film is still in theaters. So here goes nothing:
I found this film to be very entertaining. The relationship between the dinosaurs, Claire, and Owen has always roped me in, it’s a beautiful thing to watch, and in this installment that relationship does not disappoint. The plot…the plot is pretty good, as far as the volcano and trying to save the dinos, but then get kind of gets a little too much sci-fi. Selling the creatures, of course to the richest people in the world, sounds a lot like us in society, we always want what we really shouldn’t have. Then they just took over the top with the experimenting…. I feel like that aspect was unnecessary, I don’t really feel like it was needed, there was already a good plot going on, adding the mad scientist deal, put it over the top. It gave too many situations to deal with on something that was already complicated enough. There were several “jump” spots that were very predictable, though still very fun. Aside from the over the top experimenting, this flick was rounded off with a pretty damn good ending that seems to be a great opening for yet another Jurassic film. And in all honesty, I would really like to see what they do now.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom has gotten quite a bit of mixed reviews; however, I think this film delivers what it’s intending…. action and adventure.

Check it out now in theaters!
Have you seen it? Comments? Questions? Drop them below and let me hear your thoughts! Or you can find me on Twitter @erinwise82

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