Ella: Cinders and Ash Book Review from @kleffnotes

The third book in the Urban Fairytales series by Erik Schubach, Ella: Cinders and Ash is told from the point of view of Parker Devareau. After getting a flat tire on the night of a full moon Parker suddenly finds herself involved in the mystical battle between werewolves and supernatural women happening within and around Seattle. This book is the perfect addition to this fun to read series.

Parker has always been able to sense dark magic, but she has never really had a reason to grow this skill, until she meets a mysterious woman named Ella. When their paths cross both women are arrested by the police and from that moment on their lives are connected forever. After leaving the police station both women spend a night together and Ella reveals why she seemed to behave like two different women during questioning and how her granddaughter appears to be her age. Much like Gretta and Maireni, Ella has been alive for hundreds of years because of her connection to a magical spell. She is the fabled Cinderella from the legend shared in the second book in the series and while some of the legend was true, her life was much more tragic. She had begun to fall in love with a noble woman, Marie, who was destined to marry a prince and was the target of a deadly plot. In order to save Marie, Ella inadvertently lost her own physical body and now both women exist in Marie’s now immortal body.

Over the course of the book Parker begins to fall in love with the combined personality of these two women, whom she calls Ella Marie. Each woman cares for her and as they begin to fall in love Parker also begins changing, physically and within her own magical skills. Parker and Ella are focused on trying to find out what the dark magic elements are and how they can stop them, which leads them to Gretta’s pack and Red Hood and her hellhound. All of these women must work together to defeat werewolves and try and save the city from being destroyed. In the last chapter of the book we are introduced to the final woman from the legend, Briar Rose. Ella: Cinders and Ash was a fast paced read and I was so excited to see more of the Urban Fairytales characters working together. Ella and Marie’s combined stories as heartbreaking and the love that Parker develops for them was beautiful to watch evolve. I am really excited to see how this series ends, especially now that Briar Rose has been introduced.

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