Cyko Ko! #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Cyko Ko is here with a new adventure in Cyko Ko! #1, the first in a three part series. The greatest hero of Superearth has appeared in Alterna Comics before with his own interactive comic and in this series he is out for a bit of a surf and a some relaxation after some heroic endeavors, but no hero ever really gets to take a vacation.

After being away for a few years, Cyko Ko returns to a Surf Town to enjoy some delicious donut drinks, play some pinball, and get his surf on. His plans are interrupted when a formal rival, Cuda Cano, appears. The two continuously find themselves competing, but while all of that is going on something far more sinister emerges and it includes a giant squid, some bad juju, and a volcanic battle.

Cyko Ko! #1 is the perfect read for readers of any age and feels like a recreation of an earlier comics age. I had definite Hanna-Barbera vibes from this comic and the characters. Cyko Ko is also a bit like Deadpool with his fourth wall breaking, but is definitely something that younger readers will love.

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