Werewolf Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Werewolf is not a horror movie, though the title might initially lead you to believe that, but rather a film about the horrors of addiction. The plot follows Blaise and Nessa, who are methadone users who have become outcasts in their small town. Their addiction pulls the two of them together and while Nessa wants to try and get away from this life their addictive personalities keep them trapped in a vicious cycle.

Blaise and Nessa are both part of a methadone program, but they are both approaching their futures very differently. When they are first introduced the two of them are siphoning gas and trying to make some money by mowing lawns. This works for a while, until inevitably something begins going wrong with their lawnmower. They both want to get away and start a new life, but Nessa begins to take steps to break the cycle they’ve been stuck in. As she tries to improve their situation, Blaise begins to fall back into dangerous behavior and the relationship begins to feel the strain of the couple moving in opposite directions.

I would categorize Werewolf as a slice of life film. The plot is following Nessa and Blaise through their daily life, but while events happen it feels a bit like watching a documentary. There are moments of happiness as well as sadness and tragedy that sporadically appear throughout the film. The visuals are striking and there are some choices that add to the feeling that the film is just an every day look into the world of this couple. This is a film that shows  you what life is like for those who are struggling to figure out how to get away from addiction and the different paths that journey can take.

You can find Werewolf on Mubi now as well as a number of other amazing movies.

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