#GH Exclusive: Interview With The Invader Publisher Peter August via @stacyamiller85 @wesramsey @GeneralHospital #GH55

Former CEO of Aurora Media Peter August has a new position. August has acquired The Invader and is working as its publisher. News story followers of the Port Charles newcomer who arrived in the city last November are aware of his shocking connections to Cesar Faison, the mastermind international criminal who has terrorized the city and WSB Agent and former Police Commissioner Anna Devane. Mr. August took the time from his busy schedule to set the record straight for our readers.

Writer’s Note:  This is a fictional interview with Peter August. The questions and answers are the author’s interpretation and have no affiliation with Wes Ramsey, who plays Peter, ABC and writers of General Hospital.

Thank you Mr. August for agreeing to speak with me.

Peter: “Please call me Peter”

Okay Peter. There’s been quite an amount of press detailing your alleged crimes. What can you tell me about Jason Morgan’s disappearance for five years? Our sources tell us that your funds were seized because of your father’s illegal activities, how were you able to come to purchase The Intruder?

Peter: “You can’t believe everything you read…accept of course unless you read it in The Intruder (chuckles). All local and international charges were dropped against me.  There are other facts relating to the Jason Morgan disappearance which I won’t elaborate on at this time. As far as buying The Intruder, that’s confidential and between me and my backer.”

Moving on then. The Invader has been known as a paper how can I put this…that is a tabloid. After being the CEO of Aurora Media, why would you have an interest in it?

Peter: “It’s true, The Intruder hasn’t exactly had a stellar reputation as a beacon of honest journalism.  But I’m hoping to change that. Under my leadership I want The Intruder to be a source of reliability. Yes I’ll continue to feature some articles our readership have come to expect, you can’t take away things people are comfortable with. But I will also have hard hitting pieces as well.”

And you poached reporter Lulu Falconeri from the Port Charles Press to write some of these pieces?

Peter: “Let’s just say Lulu felt it was time to move on from her previous position. I’m pleased she decided to join me here at the paper. I think her talent as a journalist speaks for itself. She’s currently working on a series on the 25th Anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain Murders. I feel the perspective she could bring to this important part of Port Charles history will add to my vision for The Intruder.”

When she wrote that piece on Henrik Faison, who turned out to be you? How does it feel hiring the writer who aired your past out for the public to read? Ms. Falconeri was the one who alerted the world to all the criminal activities you committed on behalf on your father.

Peter: “Those allegations were unfounded. Like I said before, all charges have been dropped against me…I was cleared of any wrong doing. “

So you didn’t keep Jason Morgan captive for five years? What about your brother the late Detective Nathan West, your vendetta against your father didn’t cause his death? What about his widow Maxie Jones, are you pursuing a relationship with her?

Peter: “My brother’s death was a tragedy. And I’m here for Maxie as a friend if she needs me.”

And your mother Anna Devane…where does it stand in that relationship?

Peter: “My personal life is not why we’re here. But I will say it’s my hope that anything I may have done in the past (and I’m not admitting to anything) will not sway what I’m trying to achieve in the present. I hope to be viewed as a respected member of this community.”

What about Liesl Obrecht? She’s still out there, do you fear that she’ll come after you and try to kill you again?

Peter: “Dr. Obrecht was tortured by grief over the death of her son. I’m sure the authorities will have her in custody again soon.”

Just one more question…

Peter: “I’m sorry that’s all the time I have.”

Thank you Peter was this insightful interview.  I’m sure our readers will enjoy this look inside the man who has been the focus of speculation.

Peter: “No, thank you.”

Photos Courtesy of ABC and General Hospital

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