Innsmouth #1 Comic Review ( @meg_emmy_james ) from @kleffnotes

I am a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft and I was delighted to find someone at FlameCon who also enjoyed a bit of Cthulhu in her daily life. Now admittedly Lovecraft is not really the greatest guy in the world. He might like monsters, but he definitely did not like really anyone who didn’t look or act like him, which is crappy, but what Megan James has done with her Innsmouth series is exceptional and takes the problematic work of Lovecraft and retools it for the modern era.

I read Innsmouth #1 like my life depended on it, alright I really just read it very quickly, but I was so excited about the premise of this series that I couldn’t slow down. The story focuses on Randolph, a young acolyte of The Esoteric Order of Innsmouth. What he does for the order falls within the same parameters as what The Church of Latter Day Saints missionaries do, he rides around and tries to get people to read the Pocket Necronomicon. If someone showed up at my door with one of those I would definitely invite them in for coffee and a chat. The problem for Randolph is he isn’t really that into being a cultist and would much rather focusing on figuring out how to go to college. One day when he is forced to watch the kids during service he winds up being promoted, purely by chance, when a dark and dangerous monster literally lands on him. With no desire to end the world Randolph rushes to find someone who can help him banish the beast, and that’s when he meets Fatima.

Just the first issue of Innsmouth is really funny and blends together a variety of Lovecraftian stories in a way that is delightful to watch. There is a fishperson eating spaghetti, which I never thought I would ever see in any sort of pop culture ever. Randolph and Fatima together are great and I can’t wait to see how their attempts to thwart the end of the world go. Beyond being such a fun read, the art of Innsmouth is a lovely blend of natural with unnatural elements. The world around Randolph looks completely normal, except for the appearances of creepy monsters that somehow manage to look so natural in Innsmouth. You can find out more about the Innsmouth series on the official website.

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