Hunter Trailer Review from @kleffnotes

Hunter is a horror/thriller film that won’t be a releasing until next year, but I had the opportunity to check out the trailer a little bit in advance. Set in the streets of Chicago, Hunter has been homeless since the deaths of his mother and sister roughly 10 months before the start of the movie. While just a murder could lead someone to feel lost and alone, this murder was even more diabolical than anything you could expect.

The trailer for Hunter reveals that demons stalk the streets of Chicago taking victims wherever they can find them. Hunter’s mother and sister were killed by these demons and they are very much aware that Hunter knows what they have done. The former fighter is coping with his grief and the new knowledge that demons are everywhere and that some of these demons want him dead. Based on just the trailer I am very interested to see how Hunter’s story will grow and this particular movie looks like it will have both intense action sequences and some very gory moments. I also applaud the use of music, which definitely added a level of intensity.

Hunter will release on February 12th on Amazon and iTunes and will also be available on dvd from selected retailers. Nick Searcy, from Justified and The Shape of Water, appears as the demon Volakas and Rachel Cerda, from Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, is the main female character Danni DeAguas. The actor who plays Hunter, Jason Kellerman, showed off both emotional and physical skills in just the trailer and seems like the perfect choice to head Hunter. Keep an eye out in 2019 for my review of the already award winning horror movie.

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