Anthem of a Teenage Prophet Movie Review from @kleffnotes

The small town of Stokum, Michigan is changed when a teenager dies in a tragic accident, but not because of the death, instead because someone foresaw the event. Luke is just an average high schooler until it gets revealed to the press that while hanging out with some guys the night before he had a vision of his best friend dying. Anthem of a Teenage Prophet examines what happens when you are forced to try and understand sudden changes in your life and how to cope with things that you never expected to happen.

Starring Cameron Monaghan, who you will most likely recognize from Gotham and Shameless, as Luke Anthem of a Teenage Prophet is almost a period piece, set entirely in 1997 in a city that all of the teens think sucks. Word travels fast in such a small town and once Luke is revealed to have seen the death of Stan before it happened he becomes the Prophet of Death. While everyone is buzzing about this vision, he is just trying to cope with the guilt he feels in connection to the death he feels like he could have stopped. Luke isn’t alone and has his spiritually connected mother, played by Juliette Lewis, trying to help him to get through this difficult time.

The music in Anthem of a Teenage Prophet really sets the stage for the time period. With a great deal of well known ’90’s hip-hop as well as an original song from Peyton List, who plays the girl Luke falls in love with, Faith, the movie instills the essence of the ’90’s throughout. What I love the most about this movie is the relationship between Luke and his mother, Mary. Even though Luke is struggling and in some ways spiraling into bad behavior, his mom is there for him and trying to help him come to terms with the visions that he’s experiencing. She accepts him and while she doesn’t approve of some of his behavior she shows tremendous love and works to slowly get him back on a more focused path. The moment of the movie that blew me away was early on when Mary isn’t sure if Luke is alright following the local news announcing an unnamed teenager has died in an accident. Lewis frantically searches her home for Luke and when she finds him the relief on her face is so visceral. I also want to commend the actor playing Fang, Grayson Gabriel, who is struggling with his own inner turmoil, which he finally reveals to Luke. The performances throughout by all of the actors are engaging and I think this film is a must watch. You can find Anthem of a Teenage Prophet on demand now and on DVD on February 5th.

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