The Blue Room Movie Review from @kleffnotes

The Blue Room or La Chambre Bleue is a French film from 2014 that is part of a Mubi’s recent creator highlight of the month. Released this week for view, The Blue Room by Mathieu Amalric, opens with a passionate couple in a blue room, but in a matter of minutes the tone of the film shifts. The man in the room is being questioned by the police about the woman he was with and it appears that their affair was not the secret he believed it to be.

Julien has been secretly meeting a woman named Esther for roughly 11 months and in their relationship he feels more sexually fulfilled than he has ever felt with his wife Delphine. His relationship with Esther traces back to their school days, but he had never pursued her until now. While they are both married they meet sporadically and the blue room is somewhere that they frequently meet together. The name of the location they meet is the blue room and the room they meet in is also blue. Esther would leave signals for him at a particular pharmacy that would indicated whether they should meet. What Julien did not realize is that she was taking pictures of their secret meetings and was less than discrete. Over the course of the film the reason that Julien is being questioned and investigated is not initially explained, though we do know it has something to do with Ester and their relationship. This unknown element keeps you guessing as we see the events prior to his being arrested unfold.

If you had not already guessed The Blue Room is entirely in French, but it is subtitled in English. Even if you aren’t typically someone who watches foreign films, this one is very easy to understand and the subtitles are very clear. The mysterious plot is also very engaging and keeps you in suspense from the start. Tensions rise when Esther begins leaving Julien letters and this tension continues to build as Julien becomes aware of changes in Esther’s life. This is the perfect movie for mystery fans, regardless of the subgenre you might prefer. You can stream The Blue Room and a number of other great films from a variety of genres on Mubi today.

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