Krypton Season One Release ( @syfy @KryptonSYFY )from @kleffnotes

On Tuesday, March 5th, you can take a journey not only to another planet, but to another time with the first season of Krypton. This television show from Syfy, Warner Brothers, and Home Entertainment is coming out in plenty of time to let you get caught up before the second season. When Adam Strange suddenly appears on the alien planet insisting that Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman, must help him save his future grandson. This reveal from the future is not the only life or death decision Seg will have to face over the course of this ten episode season.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Superman and Superman themed stories. Growing up I was always more of a Batman fan, the animated series was what I looked forward to every school day, but the premise of Krypton intrigued me. When the series begins the House of El, high ranking Kryptonians are divided by Houses that all have different specialties, has been removed from the official Houses and now Seg is considered part of the lower levels of society where no one is part of a House. What he doesn’t know is that the House of El has been brought down because of knowledge they had and work they had been doing to try and save Krypton from a future disaster. At a certain point we are introduced to House Vex, Nysaa-Vex is one of my favorite characters, and House Zod, the militant house that shares a name with a certain villain known only as Zod during Superman’s time as a hero. Lyta-Zod and Seg share a special bond that is explored over the course of this first season. As tensions rise on Krypton, the evil collector known as Brainiac arrives with the goal of taking the planet for himself.


Krypton might be a superhero connected series, but it feels more like a science fiction drama. With no yellow sun all of these Kryptonians don’t have superpowers and they have their own internal politics to deal with. When Zod arrives an examination of intent and what truly makes a villain begins to take shape and Seg is unsure if he should believe Adam’s continued attempts to convince him that Zod is a bad guy in the future. Whether you are a fan of superheroes or not this short series is a great watch. The Blu-ray and DVD contain not only the episodes, but also include bonus features like deleted scenes and a gag reel. Specially marked versions will also come with a digital version you can download. If you aren’t someone who buys physical copies of shows Krypton is available digitally through Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. Make sure to get your copy of Krypton Season One tomorrow, March 5th.


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