Alice Derock Feature from @kleffnotes

Alice Derock is a rising French designer in a very male dominated industry. Through her work she is focusing on empowerment and changing cultural attitudes towards sex toys. Derock is behind Wet For Her (WFH) an empire that is focused on queer women and putting women’s needs first.

The industry of sex toys has always been a thriving business, but what Derock does is bring something new and geared toward women to the industry. There are so few products made for women by women and they actually provide toys that women who are with women or really any woman that show an understanding of women. Derock and two of her friends created the company after their noticed that such a gap existed in the industry. Taboos toward sexuality have arisen and a variety of companies and industries have promoted products that don’t actually take women into account. WFH not only sells, but designs, fabricates, manufactures, and distributes their products. They are tremendously hands on with their work and they are dedicated to working with only lesbian manufacturers (Spareparts, RodeoH, BSisNice, RainbowLube).

Derock has contributed to the female community by creating something geared solely towards them. This not only fills a void in the industry, but works to promote and inspire women to embrace their sexual desires and set aside the many hang ups that are often connected to sex toys and sex. Beyond helping other women and lesbians, Derock felt she was also helping herself by creating something that she felt was also missing from her sex life. She recently launched a brand new toy near Valentine’s Day dubbed, “RockHer.” A portion of the proceeds from this product will go toward benefiting Los Angeles LGBT Center. Derock’s rise within this male dominated industry is inspiring and she remains dedicated to bringing women and their voices to the forefront.

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