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David Boreanaz is one of those actors who constantly delivers.

Since he first appeared in the pilot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1997 as Angel the vampire cursed with a soul, Boreanaz has been in the forefront of every television drama in which he’s been cast. After recurring in season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, David Boreanaz was upped to series regular in seasons two and three before departing to star in his own show Angel (a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) which moved his vampire character to Los Angeles to continue fighting the good fight against evil.

After Angel ended its five season run in 2004, Boreanaz immediately found work on Bones as one of the leads (along with Emily Deschanel). On the forensic crime procedural drama, David played FBI Special Agent Seely Booth. Bones aired on Fox from September 13, 2005 until March 28, 2017.

However once Bones was canceled, David Boreanaz wasn’t unemployed for long, finding work on his current series CBS’ Seal Team. This time he’s Jason Hayes, the leader of a group of Navy Seals known as Bravo Team. This team undertakes extremely dangerous missions in every episode showing how compassion and team work go hand-in-hand.

What is it about David Boreanaz that has allowed him steady work as a television actor (which is no small feat) for twenty-two years? The obvious answer is talent. In every character he plays, Boreanaz brings depth that transcends the written word (the script) to the screen (the performance). How else would you explain being a series lead on three different genre series on three different networks (The WB, Fox and CBS)? To go from playing a vampire to an FBI Agent to a Navy Seal leader…amazing.

David Boreanaz brings strength to every role he plays. Additionally, he adds heart to his characters. Angel’s heart may have stopped beating once he became a vampire, but as portrayed by Boreanaz, there was no question whether he could love.

It’s appropriate that David Boreanaz plays a leader on Seal Team as he’s been a leading man for two decades. Bravo Team deserves an extra bravo for having David Boreanaz at its helm.

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22 thoughts on “David Boreanaz Brings Strength to Seal Team via @stacyamiller85 @David_Boreanaz @SEALTeamCBS @SealTeamWriters #SealTeam

  1. Thank you Stacy for your article on David Boreanaz. I have been a fan from the beginning on Buffy. In both Buffy and on Angel it was fun/terrifying to watch DB transform from Angel into Angelus. The reason I have followed DB through his career is his quiet intensity as well as his professional demeanor. He is, without a doubt, very masculine but has, at times, allowed his characters to be vulnerable, weak, fallible and emotional. Towards the end of the series Bones I noticed they added more causes, many as side stories. One of those stories was very personal to me. S9E13, Big in the Philippines, had Wendell break his arm in a hockey game and later be diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. I actually had a PTSD like moment when that reveal 1st played. I also did not know I had a bone sarcoma in my left humerus and found out in a very circuitous way. The look of shock and disbelief on Wendell’s face must have been much the same as mine, I imagine. I was beyond thankful that Bones introduced bone sarcoma to their veiwing audience. I hope hearts and minds were touched and people educated on this form of cancer that has forever changed my life. However, by far the most impactful episode for me remains S8E6, The Patriot in Purgatory. I keep thinking each time I see it in reruns, “this time I won’t cry”. Yeah, nope. There is literally too much to say about what makes that episode remarkable so… When I heard DB was cast in Seal Team I was initially worried. That could be really difficult to tread the line between fact and fiction. One of the things I absolutely loathe about modern day police/fire/military procedurals is all the time the shows devote to their home/love lives. Is it a cop show or a day time drama? Just saying. Anyway, I have liked Seal Team to date and do hope it has staying power. One thing I know for sure wherever DB goes, I’ll be giving it a good look see.


    1. Thank you for your comment Laura. I am from Philadelphia where former 6 ABC news weatherman Dave Roberts often talked about his son, who is David Boreanaz. The first time I saw David onscreen was in “Married With Children” as Kelly Bundy’s boyfriend. But it wasn’t until “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” that I really became a fan. David has grown as an actor and I agree with you about his intensity in scenes. I always look forward to his projects and his development of his characters.


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