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As Seal Team’s Jason Hayes, David Boreanaz leads Bravo Team with heart and courage.

The ensemble of CBS’ Seal Team consist of an amazing group of actors all bringing immense talent to their performances. The realism of Seal Team lies in not only the scope of the production visually, but in the emotional depth of the actors. And for me, David Boreanaz leads the team in this regard.

His Jason Hayes faces challenges not only on the work front but on the homefront as well.  He has to keep a clear head if he hopes to steer Bravo Team through whatever dangerous mission they confront. There’s no margin for error because that could get them killed. But early in Season 2, Jason was task with a responsibility he couldn’t have imagined: raising his children alone. His wife Alana had died and he was now his children’s only parent. This is daunting for anyone. His partner was gone, decisions for his children now rest solely on his shoulders. The episodes surrounding Alana’s death showcased Boreanaz’s range as an actor. He was grieving the lost of his wife, but he couldn’t let his children see his grief. Like he does with Bravo Team, he had to be the one they looked to…he had to be their strength to provide assurance everything would be okay. So, here’s a man with a very dangerous job, his wife is dead and his children needed him. Jason Hayes was doing everything he could to stay afloat in his life. But he was drowning. Although he was trying to keep it together, the facade was cracking. He was an emotional wreck. These were the scenes where David Boreanaz shined. We wanted to reach into our television screen and give Jason comfort. When you forget you’re watching a television drama and feel as though the circumstances are real, that’s speaks to an actor’s skill.

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Jason has many depending on him. But who could he depend on with Alana gone? Hayes is a man who believes he’s responsible for everyone’s well being. And I think that view was also why everything with Ray hit him so hard.

David Boreanaz’s Jason reached a growth in character development in Season 2. It is for this reason I feel his work should be nominated for an Emmy. On Seal Team, Boreanaz plays a character that isn’t one dimensional. He’s soldier. Friend. And above all else, father.

Boreanaz has been delivering Emmy winning performances for years. Not only on Seal Team but also in his previous roles on Angel and Bones. So a nomination is long overdue.

However with the multitudes of performances to consider, I feel that David Boreanaz’s work will get lost in the shuffle which is a pity. But I can still hope that when it comes time for nomination, we’ll see the name of David Boreanaz…a well deserving actor.

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4 thoughts on “Why David Boreanaz Should Be Considered For An Emmy Nomination via @stacyamiller85 @David_Boreanaz @SEALTeamCBS @SealTeamWriters #SealTeam

    1. I believe he should get an Emmy because in whatever show he is acting in he does it so very good it’s almost like he isn’t even acting


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