Sorry Not Sorry Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Monique Sorgen’s Sorry Not Sorry is a short feature inspired by the poem, This Is Just to Say, by William Carlos Williams and is a humorous examination of relationships and marriage. After a husband eats his wife’s plums, the two fall into a competitive game of oneupsmanship. The short recently screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival as well as the Florida Film Festival.

In what appears to be a brief lapse in judgement, motivated by the stress of dealing with his father, the husband, Harry, proceeds to decimate the four plums his wife left in the refrigerator with a note asking the two men in the house not to eat them. With her plums gone the wife, Abby, goes after her husband’s car in retribution. While the husband and wife primarily speak through notes, for the audience we receive the benefit of a voice over, but the husband’s father continuously tries to gain the attention of the couple by complaining about a variety of things in the home. Each spouse proceeds to do more and more until ultimately something completely unexpected occurs.

Throughout Sorry No Sorry I did recognize the William Carlos Williams’ poem being used as the first note between Harry and Abby, one of the few poems I remember from ages ago in high school English class. The ending completely took me by surprise, though the aggression between the couple does rise to a level that makes the final move in their chess match very believable. The darkly comedic nature of Sorry Not Sorry makes it an enjoyable watch and you should keep an eye out for future screenings going forward.

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