Happy Birthday @GeneralHospital ‘s Kelly Monaco @kellymonaco1 via @stacyamiller85 #GH #GH56 #SamMcCall

She has earned a place in General Hospital viewers’ hearts as Samantha (Sam) McCall, a role she had played since 2003.

Soap opera audiences first met the Pennsylvania native when Monaco starred as Livvie Locke in the now defunct Port Charles prior to General Hospital.

But it wasn’t until con artist Sam McCall was paired with mob hit man Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) that fans started taking notice of Monaco.

Sam shared an equally popular pairing with Drew Cain (Billy Miller), Jason’s twin brother who was transplanted with Jason’s memory and was initially believed to be Morgan.

In 2005, Kelly Monaco added a new skill to her resume. She was a contestant during the first season of Dancing With The Stars. She later went on to win the very first mirror ball trophy. She later returned for Season 15 All Stars edition.

So on this May 23, your birthday, I wish you continued success in your career Kelly and much happiness.







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