Apoppytheosis Comic Review ( @jocosejoni )from @kleffnotes

You remember being twelve years old right? The whole puberty, trying to fit in, and becoming a god thing that everyone has to deal with before their teens sounds familiar right. Wait, not everyone needs to try and become a god? Well Anthony Hernandez sure does and he has a to contend with a deer trying to destroy the entire world. That is just some of what you’ll experience in the collected Apoppytheosis comic.

Anthony comes from a very interesting family. His uncle has turned his mom, the one he grew up with Anthony’s mom in, into a funeral home with a cemetery on site, and there is a secret library that they’ve finally discovered. Anthony’s mom insists that they have to go, but refuses to let Anthony stay at home because the last time he almost burned down their bakery. With a little help from a shovel, Anthony break open the seal to the library and when granted one wish asks to be a god. The entity he unleashed isn’t entirely on board with this wish, but through some clever word play says that if Anthony wishes for poppies that will lead him on the write path. Poppy’s appear immediately and gods start to question just what is going on. Some show up to fight Anthony and he has to fight back with anything he can, including tampons. With poppies growing everywhere Anthony has to figure just what his wish has done and how exactly this leads to being a god.

One very cool thing I want to point out right away is that Anthony is actually a trans, which is amazing. The fact that he is the lead character shows a level of care toward growing representation in the media. What is heartbreaking though is that Anthony’s mother is very definitely not accepting of her son. After learning the bakery has burned down the scene between them is just so awful, but the one bright spot is that Anthony’s father will not stand for this sort of behavior and is entirely there for his son. Anthony meets gods, monsters, and finds himself traveling all the way to god jail in the course of his journey and all of this is both complicated and intriguing. Anthony isn’t exactly sure what he is supposed to be doing and everyone is just trying to cope with the ridiculous number of poppies everywhere. This comic was a quick read, even though it might seem a bit hefty, and it is such a unique story that there really isn’t anything to compare it to. It is a journey of growing up and learning about yourself and your family, but it also has remarkably silly moments. The art is also really well done and every element from the overall art to the coloring and the lettering is all so complimentary to the story that it helps it all flow. You can check out Appoppytheosis on the official site for the comic.

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