Low Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

Daniel Bogran’s short film, Low, recently screened at LA Shorts and tells the story of what happens when someone commits an act that they aren’t sure how to get back from. Jef, played by Vincent Cusimano, tries to keep his composure after suffering the consequences of a decision he can’t seem to outrun. As things unfold he finds himself being forced to confront his regret through a series of thrilling and strange coincidences.

This film fulfills one of the goals of Bogran’s, who wished to direct his own scripts. As writer and director of this work he was able to bring his vision to life. This aspiration led him to produce Low before his 26th birthday and this intriguing story examines the idea of regret and how one choice can lead to a journey of self discovery and understanding. After losing out on a job, Jef makes the decision to put on a mask and not so discretely try to rob a convenience store. What happens during the robbery goes completely against his plan and he leaves tormented by his choice. The story then jumps forward a week and Jef finds himself face to face with one of the men from the robbery, who is himself struggling to understand what happened that night.

What viewers are able to experience is a survivor and the criminal who caused the crime. The man from the robbery is conflicted in his feelings and based on a conversation we hear him having, he is also in some ways refusing to talk about the events. Jef, we see beginning to spiral as the presence of this man forces him to relive that night. The ending pushes the story in a way that feels like a Twilight Zone level twist, but also shows a side of the victim that seems to bond him to the criminal. This is a curious watch, with Jef only actually speaking slightly throughout. If you are a fan of things that will leave you thinking you definitely need to check out Low.

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