40 Minutes Over Maui Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

Inspired by the strange true events that occurred in January 2018 in Hawaii, 40 Minute Over Maui, is a comedic examination of what happens when you are unexpectedly confronted with you own mortality. Josh Covitt and Michael Feld adapted the false missile alert that did actually occur in Hawaii and crafted it into a short that is funny and touching. When a vacationing couple receive the alert they have to cope with the fact that their lives, as well as all of humanity,  could be ending in minutes.

Starring Julie Brister and Johnny Ray Meeks as the vacationing couple, this short film recently screened at the LA Shorts Festival and has been and will be airing at a variety of festivals, 8 of these were Oscar-qualifying. While this is a comedic short it does call into question the idea of mortality and what you would do if you suddenly thought you were going to die. While this might be titled 40 Minutes Over Maui, the short film is actually under 20 and in that amount of time Covitt and Feld are still able to capture a great deal. Larry and Penny start their day with a bit of bickering about going to the omelet bar in order to achieve peak food choice, but Larry seems to have bit of a dud during this trip. He has insisted that they bring a thermos with them to the beach, to save money on drinks, and then things delve into his drinking before noon and putting off his writing.

When the messages start coming in, the two first get into a shouting match about how to check the TV to verify the alert is real and then into the voting choices of Penny’s father. They then decide to call their daughter, which brings the tone to a much more somber level. From that moment on they decide to make the most of their last minutes and delve into the mini bar, which they have refused to touch until this point. 40 Minutes Over Maui is a wonderful comedy that shows the highs and lows of relationships all in one brief film. With the threat of death imminent every part of their relationship begins to happen. They continue fights they’ve never finished, share secrets, and even attempt to finish something Larry has had on his bucket list. I could watch this again and again and I would still love every minute. You need to find 40 Minutes Over Maui and watch it as soon as you can.

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