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Every week on CBS Seal Team, Bravo Team executes dangerous missions. They are highly trained to carry out these assignments on short notice and with little margin for error.

Let’s take a look at the brave members of Bravo Team.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.) is Bravo 2. He’s team leader Jason Hayes’ (David Boreanaz) best friend and the team member he relies on the most. Ray is often seen helping Jason comes to terms with his choices. The other members of Bravo Team often look to Ray as they know Jason values Bravo 2.

Perry is a husband and father of two. The balance to effectively maintain his military career with his family life is a struggle. When his wife Naima went into labor, Ray was on a mission and missed the birth of his second child. He is a deeply religious man but found his faith tested. The conflict with feeling separated from God caused Ray emotional turmoil, distancing him from Naima and resulting in a physical altercation with Jason, who himself was dealing with holding it together after the death of Alana.

Ray felt he was using a man’s faith against him when he denied that prisoner’s request for Last Rites in exchange for information on the bigger target. After the man died without getting his Last Rites, Perry was torn by his decision. That coupled with having accidentally killed the kid with being off throwing his grenade due to his injury took its toll.

Then came the mission where Ray found himself separated from his team and in enemy territory. He had to use his wits and training in order to make it out of his precarious position alive. When a woman entered the place he was hiding out, Senior Chief Petty Officer Perry was faced with a her or me choice. If he allowed the woman to leave, she’d warn the enemy of his position. But if he killed her, he’d be no better than the people he was fighting against. In the end, Ray let her leave. Finding the enemy in pursuit and himself cornered, Perry thought he was going to die. Fortunately, Bravo Team came to the rescue and Ray was saved.

Later, he told Jason he believed the woman was a sign sent to him to restore his faith in God. And his relationship with his “brother” Jason, turbulent for a while, was restored as well.

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