We Don’t Know Either Book Review from @kleffnotes

We Don’t Know Either: Trivia Night Done Right from City Trivia takes the fun of pub night trivia and online trivia apps and allows you to access it any time you want. The book is packed with trivia entertainment in five rounds of questions and four bonus rounds, including puzzles, pictures, fill-in-the-blank challenges, and even music rounds. Get your friends together and enjoy a fun night jam packed full of trivia.

With all of you friends collected you just need to divide into teams and decide which chapter or even chapters you want to use. Each of them takes two hours and is crammed full of head scratching and interesting trivia. This can give you the perfect night of fun and even prepare you for more trivia time with friends or out and about. With a host voice designed to explain to you everything you need to know for how to play the game. This is a fun read that is the perfect activity for friends and families.

We Don’t Know Either includes 10 chapters of game play as well as details for how to play and how to host. The introduction is a very funny opening that shares the plethora of people who might enjoy this book. They say even if you don’t have friends who might not be able to play now, that this book will help you to be a great resource for trivia nights and using this you could go on to make friends at these events. It also shares that it makes for a great waiting room book if you want to keep people entertained. This book establishes clear rules, materials, and how to be the best host you can be for having a game night. If you love trivia, like I do, this is the perfect book for you. You will be a hit any night of the week with these great trivia questions and tons of rounds to choose from. You can get your copy of We Don’t Know Either today.

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