Science! @BedsidePress Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Bedside Press has recently been picked up for distribution through Diamond Book Distributors and to showcase this new partnership I will be reviewing two of their upcoming books. The first of these is Science!, which won’t be out until next year, but is something that science fiction fans will love. Not just that, but the main character is totally crushing on her roommate, who happens to be a girl. This mysterious comic has a little bit of everything for ever reader and that makes it such a great read.

Tamsin Kuhn Trakroo at fourteen is already the smartest Theoretical and Applied Physicist in any room. She has just started studying at The Prometheus Institute, which is the most famous and prestigious science school, that is a dream. There are tremendously intelligent teachers, some of whom might not even be from this world, and literal floating robot helpers called S.T.A.T.s. While this should be a wonderland for Tamsin she is exceptionally stressed, mostly because her dead father is communicating to her through some very advanced glasses. Before his death he was able to upload his consciousness and insists that the current headmaster of The Prometheus Institute murdered him. The issue is that this headmaster, Lucan Laveran, has just offered Tamsin an amazing position as his assistant. She isn’t sure who to trust, beyond her roommate Garyn, but Garyn has her own secrets involving powerful energies that might just rip a hole in the space/time continuum.

While Tamsin is the main character in this story her friends Sally and Garyn, who are both her roommates, are also given some freedom within the narrative. What is great is that the story is remarkably diverse in terms of the primary characters. Not just that, but all three of the core friend group are exceptionally bright women. Tamsin is able to use her own knowledge, with a boost from her father’s holographic presence, to learn a great deal and Garyn has her own secret lab and experiments that we get to see outside of Tamsin’s narrative. These stories do begin to connect and the connection between these two is very strong. Sally, their other friend and roommate, adds a voice of dissent and sort of grounds the two of them. Beyond the mystery at the core of the book, there are fun learning moments provided by the S.T.A.T.s throughout that give readers some insight into the science being shown throughout the book. The story is also full of twists and turns, especially once an experiment goes wrong. I loved this story and would be curious to see more of this world in the future. You can find out more about Science! on the Beside Press website and you can hope to find it in Winter of 2020.

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