Passage Web Series Review from @freegolaw

Everyone has a secret in this science-fiction drama. Passage is an episodic paranormal sci-fi drama centered around Janus Agent Ali Prader (play by Shannan Leigh Reeve) from Representation Matters Production and Tello Films. What is passage? Passage is resolution. When a ghost or paranormal being finally achieves resolution on Earth, he/she/they are finally able to move on and get “passage”.

To be exact, Ali is a level 3 Janus Agent. What does that mean? It means that she can interact with any and all ghosts or paranormal beings, including her dead wife Kate (played by Nicole Pacent).  No one knows that Ali can still interact with Kate. One of the most enticing and addictive aspects of this series is the relationship between Ali and Kate. Unlike Patrick Swayze’s ghost, Kate and Ali can touch and feel each other (without having to possess someone else’s body). They can hold hands and kiss and comfort each other. It is the first time in any story that I have seen a ghost come back and be corporeal.   I found this so fascinating that it spurred an entire conversation with my fiancée about what we would want for the other person based on what form of ghost we came back as. I informed her that if she came back and was corporeal like Kate, that I would not have any interest in pursuing anything romantic with someone else.

The moments between Reeve and Pacent are so natural and perfect and enthralling. I frankly want an entire series about just them. Through their dialogue it is clear that Ali and Kate have been trying to get Kate passage but have been unsuccessful. Kate believes it is because Ali is still holding onto her, keeping her in this limbo which must both be Heaven and Hell for Kate. While Kate can interact and be with her wife, she does not have the same luxury with her daughter. Instead, she has to endure always being a memory to her daughter and nothing more. Kate urges Ali to move on, to be with other people. The amount of love and pain and longing that Pacent can convey with just a look is heartbreaking and haunting.

Kate isn’t the only secret. It is clear that Caelus (the special division within the Government) which Ali works for is keeping their own secrets. Secrets far more dire and dangerous then an undying love story. The only reason Ali can see Kate and other paranormal beings is because she had a near death experience. In her interaction with other entities, they try to warn her what Caelus is doing but the higher ups, including her longtime friend James (played by Ian Ampoyo) is doing everything in his power to keep her in the dark.

I don’t want to give too much away, nor am I allowed. Each scene of this series pulls you further into its addictive world and leaves you with more and more questions. What I can tell you. The cast is amazing. The chemistry between Nicole Pacent and Shannan Leigh Reeve is palpable and hypnotic. Shannan Leigh Reeve truly owns the rugged, determined, self-sufficient driven persona of Agent Prader. Mandahla Rose plays Agent Diana Atwell. The series starts with her first day on the job for Caelus. Atwell provides the “tech to” Prader’s “tach” but much like the series as a whole, I know there is far more to Atwell and I can’t wait to learn her secrets. The crew that created this series is an all female crew. The writer of the series Hillary Esquina was discovered through the Pitch to Production competition that Tello Films held, proving that great talent can be found in many places. I cannot wait to see what other stories Esquina has to tell! The story is exciting, edgy, loving, passionate and mysterious.  The first season will leave you with far many more questions than answers.

You can watch the first season on Tello Films today and can follow the series on Twitter.

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