The Third Dekkoo Series Review from @kleffnotes

Dekkoo presents a new and provocative series, The Third, that showcases nontraditional families and ways of life. The show focuses on Jason, a twenty-nine year old gay man, who has sort of unexpectedly found himself part of a triad relationship. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this sort of relationship type, the series You, Me, Her has touched on it slightly. An established couple brings in a third person to be part of their relationship in both of these series, though this is not always how a triad is created. In this case Jason has found himself attracted to two men who are already in a committed and primarily monogamous relationship.

Jason spends the night with Carl and David and while he rushes out in the morning, he finds himself wondering about whether he wants to continue seeing these two men. Carl and David are both still thinking about Jason. They wind up spending more and more time together and ultimately Jason asks both men to date him. This starts their new relationship, which is much more than just a casual hookup, but there are obstacles along the way. While Carl and David are an established gay couple in Palm Springs, they find that bringing in a third is not entirely accepted by society and they struggle to find a balance in a new sort of relationship. There are moments of drama, elements of hilarity, and there are even bits of mystery to keep you engaged as you go through the first season.

What I found interesting about The Third is that while the couple is interested in Jason, there are elements of concern still there. Neither partner is entirely sure of how to make this relationship work and elements of jealousy begin to sneak in. With no experience being part of a three person relationship before there are growing pains and they start creating their own sort of rules as they go. Jason initially appears to be a way to spice up their relationship, but when he becomes something more they have to decide what it is that they all want. I found the series well done and the quality of performance and writing is great. If you are looking for a new series to check out The Third is a worthwhile watch. You can find it on Dekkoo on October 24th. 

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