The Bi Line: Flame Con Kids Comics from @kleffnotes

This week I delve into some young reader comics that I picked up at Flame Con. This is one of my smaller round ups with just three books, two of them are part of the same series. I am a pretty diverse reader and I was excited to see comics for young readers since Flame Con does have a more casual vibe that a family could enjoy.

The first in this round up is The Cardboard Kingdom that is focused on one summer in a neighborhood full of imaginative kids. Each child has their own alternate personality or character that they exist as during the summer. Costumes are made out of cardboard boxes, stuffed animals, and anything else the kids can get their hands on. Each of the kids is also able to exist as their true self. Their is a young boy who dresses as The Sorceress and everyone is fine with this decision. Another child, a young girl who is loud and boisterous, becomes something like She Hulk. As the summer goes on the kids grow closer and their adventures grow bigger and more elaborate. They are just having so much fun and finding their way through each of their stories. This is just such a fun read and I think all ages of readers would enjoy it.

The other two comics in this article are both from the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series. I picked up the first volume and the most recent volume, Unicorn Bowling(which happens to be number 9). The intro to the first volume highlights how this series is a bit like Calvin and Hobbes, but is a new take on the child and animal sidekick pairing. Phoebe is a young girl who “saves” a unicorn named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils. The two become fast friends, especially after Phoebe wishes for them to be best friends. They deal with bullies, learn new skills, and indulge in games of imagination. Marigold is hilariously sarcastic and occasionally doesn’t remember what it is Phoebe needs her to do, which at one time leads her to miss show and tell. Dana Simpson has created a friendship that is sweet and sassy with both characters learning from each other. If you are looking for fun characters and cute adventures this is a series you should look into.

We are almost done with Flame Con reads, but there are two more to go so keep your eyes peeled for more Bi Lines.

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