Hacked Movie Review from @kleffnotes

What would you do if intimate images from your life were shared with the world and you could do nothing to stop it? Based on real events that took place in 2014, Hacked focuses on how the women whose images and videos were shared without their permission from iCloud. The hack was investigated and a man was arrested, but this did not mean that the trauma was over for his victims.

Written, executive produced by and starring Uldouz Wallace, the short film focuses on Sarah, who has had video of her leaked from her iCloud account to the public. At the start of this brief film, we see Sarah with a boyfriend, who insists he loves her and understands that she did not want this footage leaked. As time passes he cannot cope with her trauma and leaves her, which leads to even more upset in Sarah’s life. As she finds herself losing everything based on the actions of a terrible man, who served only 18 months for his crimes, we watch her descend into a very dark place.

Wallace has done an exceptional job of handling such an emotionally charged topic. Her performance as Sarah is well done and she draws you in through her acting and storytelling. This short film will keep you thinking about the victims of this hack as well as though who are victims of revenge porn and other types of hacked or leaked personal information. Hacked is set to be on the festival circuit in 2020 and if you get a chance to see it you should definitely make the time.

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