The End of the World Book Review from @kleffnotes

Don Hertzfeldt was asked several years ago to contribute to an illustrated anthology and between film projects and over the course of sleepless nights he began to flesh out some of his ideas that he knew would be a bit too weird to make into a film. What resulted were a series of sticky notes that made a story of their own. The original work was published in 2013, but this new edition of The End of the World includes new panels and is a much wider release to allow more readers to enjoy this wild story. Continue reading “The End of the World Book Review from @kleffnotes”

#Mixedish Papa Don’t Preach S1Ep9 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @mixedishabc @mixedishwriters @AricaHimmel @Mykalscorner

A young Rainbow Johnson recounts her experience growing up in a mixed-race family in the ‘80s, and the dilemmas they face to acclimate in the suburbs while staying true to themselves. Bow’s parents, Paul and Alicia, decide to move from a hippie commune to the suburbs to better provide for their family. Their experiences illuminate the challenges of finding one’s own identity when the rest of the world can’t decide where you belong. (Disney ABC Press).

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Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists Book Review from @kleffnotes

Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women’s Fight for Their Rights examines the ongoing struggle for women’s rights that has spanned human history and touched nearly every culture on Earth. So many issues fall under this umbrella of rights including the right to vote, work, get an education, own property, exercise bodily autonomy, and so much more. This graphic novel acts as a primer to key figures and events that have advanced women’s rights into the modern era. Both beautifully illustrated and well researched this book is the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in history or looking for a captivating read. Continue reading “Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists Book Review from @kleffnotes”

#ProdigalSon Pied-A-Terre S1Ep9 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @prodigalsonfox @ProdigalWriters @justanactor @KeikoAgena

Malcolm Bright is a gifted criminal psychologist, using his twisted genius to help the NYPD solve crimes and stop killers, all while dealing with a manipulative mother, a serial killer father still looking to bond with his prodigal son and his own constantly evolving neuroses. Bright’s only ally is his sister, Ainsley, a TV journalist who wishes her brother would take a break from murder and have a normal life. Unfortunately for his sister, the only way Bright feels normal is by solving cases with the help of his longtime mentor, NYPD Detective Gil Arroyo. Arroyo’s one of the best detectives around, and he expects no less from his team, which includes Detective JT Tarmel, a born-and-bred New Yorker who questions whether Bright is a psychopath himself (Wikipedia).

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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mister Rogers is a figure that has had a tremendous culture impact on the lives of not only American children, but the culture of America. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History provides a new and very detailed look into the beloved television show. Beginning with the humble start of the well known production to the new film, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which released earlier this month. This beautifully compiled book will bring you back to your childhood with photographs, character guides, and so much more. Continue reading “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History Book Review from @kleffnotes”