Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mister Rogers is a figure that has had a tremendous culture impact on the lives of not only American children, but the culture of America. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History provides a new and very detailed look into the beloved television show. Beginning with the humble start of the well known production to the new film, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which released earlier this month. This beautifully compiled book will bring you back to your childhood with photographs, character guides, and so much more.

The history of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood spans fifty years and in this new book you will be able to learn more about the characters, puppets, and episodes through a comprehensive guide and there are also a plethora of interviews with Yo-Yo Ma and the cast and crew of the show. There are whimsical anecdotes and rare bits from special guest, actors, directors, producers, and other people whose careers were devoted Fred Rogers and his powerful legacy. There are also brief glimpses into the upcoming movie, with details about how the cast and crew prepared themselves to accurately recreate the world of this beloved figure.

Tom Hanks provides a touching foreword to the work where he discusses how the work of Fred Rogers was a sort of ministry that brought so much to so many people. I remember watching this show growing up and remember the joyful person that Fred Rogers was on screen. The memories that reading through this book unearthed filled me with a happy feeling that reminded me of the simple pleasures of childhood. The pictures included are wonderfully collected and showcase a great deal about the show and they are paired so well with the interviews and history being presented. This is a great book to just keep out on your coffee table or anywhere else you can easily access it for a brief perusal or a cozy read through. You can get your copy of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History today.

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