The End of the World Book Review from @kleffnotes

Don Hertzfeldt was asked several years ago to contribute to an illustrated anthology and between film projects and over the course of sleepless nights he began to flesh out some of his ideas that he knew would be a bit too weird to make into a film. What resulted were a series of sticky notes that made a story of their own. The original work was published in 2013, but this new edition of The End of the World includes new panels and is a much wider release to allow more readers to enjoy this wild story.

This story presents typical events like going out of business sales and controversial museum exhibits with odd visions of gigantic swimming heads, people suddenly shooting into the air, and something known as the Easter Eel. This almost-wasteland like world is a thought-provoking fever dream like world that highlights the creative prowess of Hertzfeldt. Though the original story was established with sticky notes, this book enlarges the images and is a large square book that looks simplistic, but is hiding a remarkably delightful story.

The art in the book is simplistic, but this simplicity lends itself to the bizarre scenes you are experiencing. While this is not a chronological story, it rather showcases a strange world full of strange figures and odd events. I found myself chuckling with every page as I flipped through and found myself captivated by the odd little doodles that fill the pages. If you want to spend a little time experiencing the mind of Hertzfeldt, which is both eerie and delightful. You can get your copy of the new edition of The End of the World today.

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