Night Sweats Movie Review from @erinwise82

Night Sweats is inspired by true events….allegedly. This movie follows Yuri, a skateboarder new to New York, on his quest to find the truth behind his roommate’s mysterious death. Ok so like right off the bat this movie seemed a bit slow but things got interesting rather quickly when Yuri’s roommate starts having a super crazy seizure, that landed him in the hospital, where he dies, and
weird medical examiner comes to collect evidence.

This movie is one of those rollercoaster rides that makes you think you’re on a normal twist and turn, but then suddenly it throws you into several loops, revealing a great ride at the end. You get to see the world through a skater’s eye then you get pulled into a suspenseful twist that has this skater searching for clues behind more than just his friend’s death. Now I did find a few things that I just didn’t care for in the movie. The romantic session between Yuri and his girlfriend was a little off. His friend had just died and he’s having sex? Not something I would have done, but to each their own.

And the other thing was some of the emotions of characters felt a bit off too, but you really never know how you’re going to act in certain situations. Overall, I would definitely recommend checking this movie out. It has an ending you won’t really expect.
You can find this movie on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play!

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