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Malcolm Gibson has always loved telling stories about underdogs and as an award-winning newspaper columnist he has brought to light inspiring stories and lessons that can be learned from those who have the courage to meet the challenges that appear in their lives. Ascending Power is his debut novel and it draws from the idea of the underdog in a thrilling story of triumph over evil.

Focused on NFL star quarterback, Billy Strikeleather, this story begins during the prime of his life. He has a beautiful wife, adoring fans, and an impressive mansion, but when he gets injured everything takes a dark turn. Heavy drinking, mounting DWIs, his marriage is on the rocks, and he is just trying to find a way to cope with these new changes. Billy receives a call from his uncle, which brings him back to his childhood home on the Chinati reservation in rural west Texas. A mystery has emerged and he will have to help his uncle discover what has been contaminating the hot springs on the reservation. What they do learn is that a rare mineral located there could disrupt the global energy market and bring tremendous wealth to the people there. As danger mounts for those involved they will learn someone wants to keep this mineral a secret, which will push Billy to fight back for himself and his people.

The story in this book drops us into the action quickly with Billy traveling with his uncle to the site of the hot springs and by chapter two drama has already quickly unfolded. Gibson moves into his story in a way that will hook you right away and will keep you curious about what will happen to the people involved in this drama. As everything unfolds, we meet a reported named Maria who will make sure that the secrets surrounding this mineral and those trying to keep it hidden comes to light. Gibson is a strong writer and you will find yourself moving through this book at strong clip. He does a solid job of creating a story that brings forward his past experiences in an inventive story. You can get your copy of Ascending Power today.

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