The Bi Line: My Big Queer Weekend from @kleffnotes

Even though I was home bound all weekend, the freezing rain in super northern New York has been no joke, I still managed to have an exceptionally queer time. First off it was Krista’s birthday and to celebrate I made her dinner. By default making dinner for your wife falls under the whole queer existence element of my life and beyond that I made very fancy(well seemingly fancy) food that was pescatarian. On top of just being a woman married to a woman, who I made butter poached salmon for, we also delved into a very queer binge session that took over our Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you who may not know, The L Word returned this year with a brand new season after a 10 year hiatus. This new season is also a new version of the show and has a slightly newer name, the L Word: Generation Q. Alice, Bette, and Shane are back as primary characters, but the series also focuses on a new core group of queers. Conveniently their lives all intersect in some way, which you would expect from a series that is launching new characters for a new generation. Krista and I both really wanted to watch the series, but neither of us had a Showtime account. We already pay for a few streaming services and didn’t really want to commit to a whole new service for just one show. Now if Showtime would like me to provide my thoughts on season two of the series I will gladly keep my subscription, but the plan for now is to cancel before my free window closes.

Krista and I both enjoyed the new season and appreciated the active decision to include more diverse characters. The first couple we meet involves two women of color and they live with a trans man, who is also a person of color. I don’t actively remember these characters identifying themselves in a specific way, but Dani’s father is mentioned as being Persian and her girlfriend, later fiancee, Sophie speaks fluent Spanish with her family. We delve into a lot of relationship drama, which viewers of previous seasons of The L Word would definitely expect, with every character. As we watched the series we did notice something that definitely could have fixed some of these elements of drama possibly before they even started. Much like in the previous seasons, communication would help so much. Dani and Sophie are struggling after their engagement, but some of this comes from Dani’s inability to talk about anything with her partner. When she is dealing with stress she pulls away and as she pulls away, Sophie begins pushing her even farther. When a family issue arises for Sophie she tells Dani not to worry about it, but is then upset when she doesn’t actually appear. Finley, who has her own issues, does tell Sophie that she has to tell Dani what she needs, but this doesn’t really go anywhere. Sophie continues to pull away from Dani and by the end of the season we are left wondering just who Sophie will end up with.

Micah is more open in his relationship and even broaches a difficult topic for him with his new partner. This open discussion is wonderful and the two try and communicate, but right at the end of the season all of this open communication goes out the window when we learn Jose has been keeping a secret from Micah. After this reveal, Micah refuses to speak to him and this doesn’t help the situation. Finley, who is a character we see the least amount of backstory for, is struggling with internal issues that push her to drink and to try and numb herself. She even says she pushes things down in order to stop dealing with them. When she does open up to people it is often when she is drunk and in one moment where she allows herself to be vulnerable she winds up not speaking. For returning characters, Alice and her current girlfriend Nat decide to start a throuple with Nat’s ex-wife. The three seem happy with the situation and Alice insists she is open to it, until Nat and Gigi have sex without her. Alice is so thrown by this that she leaves the house, refusing to talk about her feelings. On top of that she and Nat have an interesting dynamic. Nat is a therapist of some sort and tries to have open discussions with Alice, but in one particular moment an open conversation reveals something that bothered me about Alice. She is mad at Nat for calling Gigi to watch one of the kids and says she wishes Nat had asked her to stay home, even though she then says she would prefer not to watch the kid. This feels like an unnecessary push back at Nat, when Alice didn’t want to stay at home either.

We also have Shane and Bette, though admittedly Bette is more struggling with determining whether she can stay in a relationship and at another point whether she can get back together with Tina. Shane’s relationship struggle is tied to a marriage she winds up being served divorce papers for. We learn that her wife wanted children, but Shane refused. The two though seem to have gotten married regardless of this difference in views concerning children. They then try and get back together, but this relationship becomes strained and ultimately implodes leaving Shane heartbroken. She also winds up adopting a dog, which was something I did not expect at all, but I think will be good for her. The worst offender of poor communication is Lena, who literally just disappears and refuses to answer any of Tess’ calls. Who does that?! So many of the issues that appear stem from not communicating or from not actively listening to someone during a conversation. I would argue that everyone would be so much happier in the L Word universe if they just sat down and actually talked to each other openly. I did really enjoy the season and look forward to seeing what happens next for all of these characters. Outside of the actual series, I am also really looking forward to listening to the Autostraddle To L and Back podcast episodes for Generation Q.Let me know your L Word thoughts or if you want my poached salmon recipe.

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