The Category Is…Mexico City Review from @kleffnotes

The Category Is recently dropped the first season of this anthology docuseries on Revry. The first season, The Category is…Mexico City, showcases the ballroom culture and vogue scene that exists outside of New York City. This idea was first introduced in the GLAAD-awarded INTO House of Mamis. Revry took this topic and expanded it into a large first season for a larger anthology.

These roughly seven minute long episodes highlights the House of Mamis and examines the cultural and gender identity themes, as well as LGBTQ discrimination that exists in Latin America. By looking at the self expression and advocacy that is showcased through dance, Revry is able to provide an unfiltered look into the flourishing Mexico City ballroom scene. The episodes provide a focus on various members of the chosen family that makes up House of Mamis. The house mother Mendoza, trans activist Negraconda, and dance enthusiast and dreamer Ponyboy are just some of the people that we are able to learn more about through this series.

Voguing has existed in the U.S. for some times and while it is exciting and dramatic, the core of it ties back into family. The creators themselves are also Latinx and felt a strong love for the Latina Mother who leads House Mamis. While this family may be in a small apartment the ecosystem they create together is a cozy one. The Category Is…Mexico City showcases how this is a queer epicenter and that the city creates a place for those who feel othered in society to find a place for themselves. If you make your way into the smaller parts of the city you will find the extravagance and glitter of the world of vogue hidden within a seemingly traditional city. You can check The Category Is out on Revry today.

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