The Bi Line: Surprise Gay Stuff! from @kleffnotes

When I make the time to workout, which is much harder to do now that I have a full time job and also live with my wife, Krista finds things to watch. You would be surprised how hard it is to be motivated to stop snuggling on the couch when you don’t get to see someone you desperately looked forward to moving in with for ages for the major hunk of your day. Back to the finding a show to watch element of this story. One night Krista started watching Brothers & Sisters on Hulu and in that moment we suddenly found ourselves down a deep rabbit hole of melodrama. While may not see every single episode of the show, I still see a majority of them. She no longer watches it while I workout, but sometimes we try to watch before bed and I more than once have immediately fallen asleep. I was expecting this show to just be a bit of a soap opera-y romp, but there was something that caught me entirely by surprise, Kevin.

Yep, it’s time to talk about Kevin. Who is Kevin you might ask? Well, he is the gay brother within the Walker family. That’s right a major early 2000s show had a lead character who was gay and also actively dating, at least for a hunk of the show. Now Kevin is a character who does fall into some tropes for gay male characters on tv. It is mentioned that he enjoys show tunes, he sometimes wanted to wear dresses, and he has no interest in sports. He though works as a lawyer, which means Krista gets a chance to inform me of how poorly researched legal elements of the series are, and he has a very supportive family relationship. Him being gay really isn’t an issue for the family and while we do learn that he and his dad had a strained relationship, this is minimized in some ways because well the dad isn’t really around. I won’t tell you why exactly, but there are going to be some spoilers so be ready.

Early on in the series we meet Scotty, who I immediately told Krista Kevin was going to get with. This was not an out of the blue guess, Scotty is pictured in the Hulu promo image and I knew that had to mean something. Their relationship is a bit rocky at the start and Kevin makes a number of missteps. The two live very different lives and while they like each other, there are some communication issues. Kevin is used to having money, he has family money and for a hunk of the series makes a lot of money at a law firm, and Scotty is a chef who is just trying to make enough money to live a decent life. Kevin is comfortable and when he learns Scotty has to cater an event one night, an event Kevin will also be attending, he literally says he will pay Scotty for his time. Other elements of this happen including Kevin impulse buying a house, wanting to immediately pay for a surrogate because he wants to have a baby, and also controlling the bills and finances, these events all lead to arguments, but he and Scotty do at least communicate about these problems. Of the two, Scotty is the one who has gay friends, we never see Kevin with anyone besides his family, and he also has the more stereotypical parents who don’t approve of his sexuality. This relationship does evolve a bit after Kevin and Scotty take their relationship to the next level, THEY GET MARRIED, and Scotty’s parents visit some time afterward.

Scotty though is still a masculine character, the two do not have an effeminate air to them, which shows a diversity in writing for the time. Beyond the fact that I was shocked that Kevin and Scotty have such a prominent presence in the show I additionally was super surprised to recognize Scotty. You see he happens to be an actor from one of my favorite shows, Killjoys. Scotty is Luke Macfarlane, if you haven’t watched Killjoys you might recognize him from his multiple Hallmark movie appearances. He is great as Scotty and is able to navigate the complex life that is being a Walker in-law. Beyond these two characters, we also get a coming out story with Uncle Saul, though this is a bit minimal writing wise and we barely see him date or do anything with relationships. We haven’t finished the series yet, but if you are looking for a soapy opera type show then you should check out Brothers & Sisters on Hulu.

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