Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica Comic Review from @kleffnotes

I think my love of Harley Quinn is something that I am pretty vocal about on The Nerdy Girl Express, especially my love for the pairing between Harley and Ivy. Another thing I very much love is Riverdale. The show has always been a blend of horror, camp, and teen drama. What I never knew I needed is a blend between Harlivy and the characters I’ve grown to love in Riverdale. Paul Dini, who is one of few comic creators I have known by name for a very long time, has brought this to life in the comic Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica and as soon as I started reading I was smitten.

When Ivy learns that Hiram Lodge will be destroying Sweetwater Swamp to create a moneymaking venture disguised as a college designed to benefit the youth of Riverdale she makes it her mission to stop him. While the back of this book says that she and Harley and best buds, I am going to argue this is a “gal pals” type of coding and with the two women living together and using pet names very frequently they are in my mind totally a couple. Harley and Ivy make their way to Riverdale and briefly disguise themselves to try and convince Hiram to stop his project, but he doesn’t care about the damage he might do to the environment. This leads them to take a less than typical route to stopping him, they choose to crash a costume party that many of the teens of Riverdale will be attending, including frenemies Betty and Veronica. Now in this story Betty and Veronica are frequently fighting over Archie and aren’t really friends. This costume party is heroes and villains themed and when Betty and Veronica wind up going in a duo costume, which happens to be Harley and Ivy. This pair arrive dressed in the current costumes Harley and Ivy have been wearing, while the actual Harley and Ivy arrive in more retro looks. When a fight breaks out, Zatanna and Sabrina inadvertently cause a body swap to happen. Harley and Ivy wind up in the bodies of Betty and Veronica and Betty and Veronica find themselves in Gotham City, after a ride home from Catwoman, in the bodies of Harley and Ivy.

With this body swap, Ivy in the body of Veronica decides she can use this to her advantage and destroy Hiram’s project from the inside. The two women get to relive, or in Ivy’s case experience for the first time, high school. As they act as close friends and sort of confuse everyone in Riverdale with their newfound closeness. Betty and Cooper in Gotham are dealing with former henchmen and their vendetta against the women they appear to be. When they do ultimately wind up back in Riverdale the foursome wind up working together and building a sort of curious friendship. Seeing Harley and Ivy enjoying Riverdale was just such a delight. Beyond having them interacting with Archie, Jughead, and everyone else there was also the addition of Sabrina. Having her casually doing magic in the story was really cool to see and I smiled so much when Salem chimed in on some events. There was also a great nod to the former life of Alfred, who winds up in Riverdale after a call from someone close to Veronica that was formerly a part of MI-5.

Outside of these moments, we also get a Joker related plot with Reggie having a very strange case of identity confusion after a hit on the head. When he winds up in Gotham he finds Harley, who is actually Betty, and this results in him being drawn into the grudge between henchmen and Harley and Ivy. The story is just so much fun to read and as it draws to a close that is where one of my favorite moments happens. Harley and Jughead, both known for their ability to eat tremendous amounts of food, have a hamburger eating contest. This made me laugh so much and when Jughead tries to continue the competition after Harley and Ivy try to leave town I was just delighted. I would love to see Jughead and Harley just hangout and snack on Pop’s food. For those who actually watch Riverdale the show and have never read any of the Riverdale or Archie Comics I will say this is a bit different, but I think it will be a read you will enjoy. It also sort of relates back to a Halloween episode when Cheryl and Toni dressed as Ivy and Harley. Though technically Harley and Ivy are not a couple in this story I full believe they are and if you are looking for more Harlivy in your life this story will definitely hit the spot. You can get your copy of Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica today.

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