Let’s Get Spooky from @kleffnotes

Hello lovely readers and welcome to what I like to think is my time of year. I have always loved Halloween, I would like to think even infant Katherine loved the spooky season. My parents did take me trick or treating when I was only 11 months old in a parka and bib/hat combo costume, which I feel like is a sign that this season is mine. Now I enjoy Thanksgiving. It does often fall on my birthday, but really that holiday is a weird one and honestly at this point could we just acknowledge that we are using it to eat food and then go pre-Christmas shopping and say we aren’t really tied to the historical events that are the “reason” for the holiday. Anyway, that turned into an unplanned rant about fall holidays. Returning to the reason for this article, it is Halloween time!

This October I want to push myself a little bit in terms of articles and what I post. In homage to the idea of Vlogaween on YouTube, which for those who don’t know is vlogging or posting videos on every day of the month of October, I am going to focus on posting something that I feel relates to Halloween or spooky season in some way on every week day in October. Yes, I did say week day instead of every day. I have limited my articles on The Nerdy Girl Express to just posting Monday through Friday and I’ve decided to keep that as the plan. It helps me feel less stressed in terms of posting in every day life and it will help in giving me prep time for each week. There might also be some non-Halloween articles, but on days where I might be posting something not spooky I will post two articles, the spooky one may be a bit shorter.

I am also considering adding some videos or fiction posts to include in the spooky season. I have been talking about doing some Halloween recipes and Krista, my wife in case you are new here, suggested filming them. If we do film I will try and do a video post and if I don’t I will at least post the recipe and what we thought of it as an article. In terms of fiction, ages ago I used to write sporadic vaguely horror fiction things over on my blog. Some of this was fan fiction for a webseries, Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, but I did also write a little bit of a thing that was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, who was not a great man, but had some really cool ideas in his writing. If I do post something that is fiction I will make sure to say that at the start of the article in case you aren’t really interested in reading fiction.

If you have your own suggestions for what you might like to see let me know because while this is acting as my first day article and I have some ideas I genuinely don’t have a full plan of what I want to release. You can tweet me @kleffnotes to share your ideas or comment below. I will take into consideration any of your suggestions and you might see something you mentioned appearing in this spooky series. I am considering posting something on actual Halloween, which is a Saturday, so that might be the one weekend day that I actually post something. Get ready for some fun and spooky articles and Happy Spooky Season!

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